Tsugunaga Momoko announced her Final Live!

Tsugunaga Momoko announced her final live. She will hold a solo concert in a venue outside of Odaiba.  It has not yet been announced if there will be any guests at her concert, but this is most likely. The concert is called: ♥Arigato Otomomochi♥ The concert will be on the 30th of June, like announced earlier.
Are you all ready to say goodbye to our Momochi?  I know I am not ready for anything like this. 

ANGERME announced their 23th single!

It has been a while since ANGERME released their last single, but today they finally announced their 23th one! The single will be a triple a-side single and one of the songs is called Ai Sae Areba Nanni mo Iranai, while the other two song names haven't been revealed yet. The single will be released on the 21st of June. It has not been stated if Aikawa Maho will also be on the single, as she is on Haitus right now.

Nakano Rion joined Ichigo Milk Iro ni Somaritai!

Nakano Rion (Ex- Hello!Pro Kenshuusei) joined the idolgroup Ichigo Milk Iro ni Someritai! She will debut in the group on the 2nd of April! Let's all cheer her on in this new step!

Michishige Sayumi revealed new profile pictures!

The princess has returned. Michishige Sayumi, ex- member of Morning Musume, will be returning to the entertainment world tomorrow and finally revealed her new profile pictures! Tomorrow Michishige will start performing her Sayuminglandoll shows and we will finally see what she has instore for us! Let's all welcome our Usa-chan with lots of love and support! Welcome back Michishige Sayumi-chan!

C-ute announced their Best Album!

C-ute announced their final album. They will be releasing a Best Album in three versions.
All versions will have all of their A-sides on them. Limited A will also have a dvd with their recent dinner show on it. Limited B will have all MV's after Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku. The regular edition will have all the coupling songs and (unreleased) tracks.
The release date is yet to be announced! Let's look forwards to their last release!

C-ute released the covers for their last single!

C-ute released the covers for their last single!  There will be seven different version, 3 regular editions, 3 limited edition and 1 special edition.  Let's have a look at the different covers!
Limited A Limited A is for To Tomorrow and features the girls in white outfits. It is such a lovely cover. I adore the individual pictures and they look like goddesses. I really like the lighting and the blue in the background. Urgh I love it so much, if this is a preview of the MV, I am excited. 
Limited B I adore the red outfits, I adore this cover so much. I love the rain, their poses, the stage and the navy top. Gosh it's beautiful and look at all the sass! I am so looking forwards to Final Squall, it's gonna be awsome. 
Limited C These outfits are not my taste, but it's nice. The girls look sassy and pretty. The shoes are awsome, the background was weird. Not to special, but nice I guess. The red lasers look a bit weird. 
Regular A  Regular a is glorious. Look at those smiles …

8 girls will join Hello!pro Kenshuusei!

It was announced that eight new girls will be joining Hello!Pro Kenshuusei.  The girls will be introduced during the next tour on march 11th. The names are for now only in Japanese and mine is not good enough to translate them perfectly. So we will just have to wait for official romanji! Let's welcome these new girls with a big smile!